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Who Is Doing Your
Federal Court Work?

Was your client denied at the Appeals Council?

Don't let this be the end of their case.

Many Attorneys and Non-Attorney Representatives make the mistake of not letting their client's Social Security case make it to Federal Court. This may happen because they don’t think the case is good enough to win, they don’t have the time for a Federal Court appeal, or maybe the client is giving up hope and doesn’t want to proceed with their case. Don’t let this happen to you.

Olinsky Law Group has filed 5,800 cases in Federal Court and we’ve won the majority of those cases. We know what it takes to win. We understand this can be a frustrating process for the client, but we want to give them the best chance to win the benefits they deserve. A Federal Court appeal preserves the claimant’s original application date, so they are still accruing back benefits during this time. They can even re-apply for benefits while having an open Federal Court case.

When you send our firm a referral, you are working with a team that has proven to be successful in Federal Court appeals. You can trust that your client is in good hands with Olinsky Law Group. We’ll turn their loss into a win.

Saving You Time.

A typical Federal Court case takes an experienced attorney approximately 20+ hours to write the brief and reply; with additional time to write an objection if necessary. With paralegals assisting, your office will potentially commit about 30-40 hours to a single case.

Do you have 30-40 hours to devote to a Federal Court appeal? You probably don’t, but we do. Olinsky Law Group can serve as your back office.

Making You More Money.

Upon the conclusion of the Federal Court case, we send the client back to you to complete the remand proceedings.

In a successful Federal Court remand, we will apply to the Court for an EAJA (Equal Access to Justice Act) fee, which is paid by the government. When your client wins the remand hearing, all 406a fees belong to you! However, if you leave some withholding over we will look to see if an application for Federal Court 406b fees are warranted.

What People Are Saying About Us:

"As an attorney, finding a great firm to team up with is very important for me and more importantly, my clients. Howard and the Olinsky Law Group did a fantastic job handling a Federal Court Social Security Disability appeal for me and my client."

Etan | Attorney

"Olinsky Law Group took my disability case to Federal District Court and won. No other lawyers would take my case, I was even told "It's a loser case." But Olinsky took that chance and saved my hide. I have always had great communication with the staff that's handling my case, empathy, compassion, and professionalism. Thank you for all you've done for me."

Donna | SSD Client

Our History

​Since 1986, we have filed thousands of appeal cases with the majority of those cases being referred from attorneys and non-attorney representatives like you.

Our Mission

Having an attorney who can stay with your case through every level of appeal and get Social Security to grant your client the benefits they deserve.

Why Us?

​As a national leader in Federal Court appeals, Olinsky Law Group is here to save you time and money. Consider us your back office.

Where Do We Serve?

​Olinsky Law Group serves clients Nationwide. We will take your client’s case to Federal District Court anywhere in the country.


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