Howard D. Olinsky, Esq.

What you’re going through is hard – health problems, financial worries, legal challenges. You want a lawyer who can’t stand to see good people struggle. Ask Attorney Howard Olinsky why he prefers helping people with disability claims over, say, representing insurance companies, and here’s what he’ll say: “That’s not what I went to law school for. I went to law school to help the little people.” At the beginning of his career, he practiced other kinds of law but grew tired of it. Through disability law, he found a way to help real people with real needs. From a young age, Howard has been on a mission to help people with disabilities. He worked five summers at a camp for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. As an attorney and disability advocate, he provides strong, experienced representation for his clients. And he goes beyond that. He aims to improve how the system itself works for them. Some of his cases have set legal precedents. One case helped define the rules for New York State workers’ compensation claims. Another case clarified the duties of Administrative Law Judges during Social Security Disability hearings. He’s proud to have built a firm that has helped thousands of people during some of the most difficult times in their lives. Contact us to find out more about how Howard and his team can help you.