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Nationwide Federal Court Social Security Appeals

A Nationally Recognized Leader at Federal Appeals

Olinsky Law Group is one of the largest filers of Social Security Disability cases in the Federal Court system. We take hundreds of cases to Federal Court each year, and we are consistently working on cases in Federal Courts all over the nation. You can live in any part of the country and benefit from our national experience in Disability Law.

A major focus of Olinsky Law Group is appealing disability denials to Federal Court Nationwide, ensuring that clients receive the benefits they deserve.

If you are still denied after all the previous levels, you can file a lawsuit against Social Security in Federal District Court.

At this stage, you must have an attorney admitted to practice law in Federal Court.

Social Security Disability appeals require a lot of time, hard work and attention to detail.

It is possible to start an appeal without an attorney, but we do not recommend it.

Having an attorney who can stay with your case through every level of appeal, you can build a stronger case, and finally get Social Security to grant you the benefits you deserve.


Why Should You Take Your Case to Federal Court?

Appealing to Federal Court keeps your case alive after you have gone through all of your other options.

A Federal Court appeal preserves your original application date, so when you are ultimately awarded benefits, Social Security will use your original application date to calculate the amount of back benefits you may be entitled to receive.

Your decision to appeal to the Federal Court or reapplying, however, depends on the specifics of your particular case. Reapplying may be a good option, for example, if your medical conditions have worsened, or you have developed new medical conditions.

IMPORTANT! When you get a denial letter, you have a 60-day deadline to file your appeal.

Appeals are complicated, so do not leave anything to chance. Our extensive knowledge, and experience with Federal Court Appeals is extensive, and many attorneys and non-attorney representatives confidently refer their clients to Olinsky Law Group when it is time to take an appeal to Federal Court.

Our attorneys understand what it takes to build the strongest claim for your case, ensuring you receive the benefits you deserve.