Long Term Disability

Long-Term Disability Claims

Have you been disabled for a long period of time because of illness, injury, or accident?

We can help you with a Long-Term Disability (LTD) claim or appeal.

We know that insurance companies do all they can to avoid paying benefits, or pay as little as possible. Here are ways we can help you get the income you deserve:

  • We have the experience, and training to read and interpret disability insurance policies, so we can ensure your best plan of attack if you are eligible to file a claim.
  • Filing an LTD claim can be complex. We formulate the best strategy for you and work with you to back it up with the medical evidence you need to win.
  • If you received a denial for LTD benefits, you have the right to appeal. We will appeal and fight for your right to LTD benefits all the way to Federal Court.

You often get Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance as a benefit from your employer. It is there to meet your financial needs if you suffer a disabling injury or illness. Those benefits may be critical to your financial well-being, so it is vital to protect your rights.