ALJ Hearing

Your next level of appeal after a reconsideration, you will attend a hearing with a Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), which is at the hearing level. This is the only point in the process where you can meet a decision maker on your case face to face.

When you go to a hearing, the ALJ will question you about

  • Your disability/medical condition(s)
  • How your impairments prevent you from working full-time.
  • The ALJ may bring in a vocational expert to determine whether you are able to perform your most recent job, and talk to you about some of your work history.

Your attorney will provide evidence, and present legal arguments on why you qualify.

Statistics show your chances of winning benefits are better when you have an attorney.

Administrative Law Judges have more flexibility in their decision-making than reconsideration claims reviewers. Having a skilled representative at this level can seriously affect your case.

Preparation is key.

It is highly important to have someone who knows how to respond, and ask questions of the vocational expert. Having an attorney focused on every step of your claim takes the burden of managing your disability claim off your shoulders.

You do not pay an attorney’s fee until you win benefits.