Reconsideration Request

What Happens If I’m Denied?

If you receive a denial for the Social Security Disability benefits that you were counting on, it can be devastating, but do not lose hope, this is not the end.

You can—and should—appeal that denial. You can be denied for many reasons, and most people are denied the first time they apply, at the initial level. With an appeal, you can correct the problems that caused your denial. Appeals can be necessary, as reapplying means losing potential benefits.

IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU RECEIVE A DENIAL, YOU HAVE 60 DAYS TO FILE YOUR APPEAL. Failure to meet the deadline means you have to start over again, delaying your benefits and possibly sending you to another

When you file for reconsideration, send updated medical records to show how your condition has deteriorated.

This is also a chance to fix weaknesses in your original application and improve the documentation in your file.

What Happens During the Reconsideration?

When you seek a reconsideration, Social Security sends your case to a new reviewer, somebody different from the person who decided to deny your benefits in the first place.

This new reviewer, however, follows the same process and rules as the first one who evaluated your claim.

You might have better success moving on to the next level of appeals—a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Olinsky Law Group has extensive experience with hearings.